Kabir meditates on the fragility of our lives – like a necklace of pearls that will scatter, like a garden of flowers that will be grazed away, or a clay pot that will shatter one day.

A song about liberation, joy and fulfillment. Presenting to you, the first song of Hellaro, Asvaar.

This song essentially talks about a deep sense of gratitude. What one usually forgets is that gratitude is very often accompanied by an unexpected feeling of elation. To heighten the emotional landscape of this song & truly set it apart, the feeling of gratitude is matched by a whirling sense of celebration!


Great poets impact humanity. some of the poet’s work is also still alive in small villages.Kabir Saheb, Meerabai, Ravidas and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry deeply touch Mooralala. Mooralala sings these poetess’s creation. According to Mooralala, spiritual elements in this poetry are in a simple form so everyone of our society can understand and get […]